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Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility

Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility

services02The Adolescent Residential Treatment Facility program at Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital is a medical-model based program for adolescents. It adheres to a holistic approach of treatment addressing all aspects of the human experience, including biological, psychological, social, and spiritual components.

Lighthouse recognizes each resident exhibits varying degrees of impulse control, different skill level based off socio-economic factors, and level of cognitive functioning. These differences require each resident be given individual freedoms supporting positive interaction, the opportunity to test new behaviors, improve self-confidence, and demonstrate internal self-control.

With this philosophy in mind, Lighthouse designed a system of privilege levels for the purpose of providing a uniform structure. Individuals progress from a highly structured environment to a relatively independent environment while remaining in a residential setting. As the individual progressively exhibits trustworthy and socialized behaviors, they are granted increased freedom and responsibility. Lighthouse rewards good behavior with trips to local attractions such as the Palace Theater, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, and the Myrtle Beach State Park.

This program provides multi-disciplinary assessments and evaluations, case management services, and an individualized treatment plan. Our program helps family to learn coping skills association with psychiatric and behavioral problems and prepares the individual for life after discharge.

As of July 1, 2014, the state of South Carolina has expanded the ability for adolescents to enter residential programs. Any individual, including family members, therapists, hospitals, counselors, ect, can make a referral to residential placement. If you or a loved one feel an individual is in need of residential placement, please contact our admissions office at 843-397-8871.